All American Blondes

#1 Blondes feel at home when they are in the sun, or at the beach.



The All American Blonde is something to be admired. After all blondes are actually quite rare with only 10% of the population being naturally fair haired. So in a world full of dark-haired women, a blonde is certainly going to turn heads and stand out. But many blondes still feel the stigma of not being as intelligent as brunettes, and we have seen more blonde women dying their hair dark in order to be perceived as more professional in the office. History has proven that the most popular all american blonde celebrity to this day is of course, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. From California beach blondes, to Miami bronzed blondes, these golden haired beauties are down to earth, and very genuine. They are successful in whatever goals they set for themselves, and they know how to have fun!