Creating Healthy Shape and Curves




Many women today are looking to tone and shape their naturally curvy physique, instead of trying so hard to lose it, like they used to years ago. Fit is the new “thin” and as long as a woman is healthy and toned, that is really what the ideal body type should be for one self. Creating healthy shape and curves is a lot easier than women sometimes think. Back in the day women were scared and they stayed away from weights, thinking that they would get too bulky and look more masculine. With today’s lifestyle and all the fabulous women with more curves on all the social media platforms, women now realize that using weights and resistance will not only add shape and curvature to their physiques, but it also will make them more stronger, and won’t make a woman look masculine in any form. Yes muscle does weigh more than fat, but having muscle will burn more calories, and keep a woman’s body more toned and sculpted! Don’t be scared of the weights ladies!