Fit and Voluptuous

#1 Curvy fitness model Anastasia Kvitko shows us how great fit and voluptuous really is!



It’s very important for women of thicker ethnicity to respect, love and cherish their naturally curvy and voluptuous figures. Curvy women should also be aware that being fit and healthy is also important. Get in the gym ladies, and maintain that awesome physique. We live in a society that force feeds us quick results like 5 minute abs, and fit an hour workout into 10 minutes infomercials etc.. but we are also force fed good information on dieting and exercise as well. Our culture seems to be sending a message to women all over the world now, and to all the best social media platforms, thanks to Kim Kardashian, and Scarlett Johansen type body shapes… and that is voluptuous women are very desired, and they should embrace those curves! Most men actually prefer this body shape when it comes to their ideal woman. Our fit and voluptuous women in our blog today, are very desired as far as we are concerned, and we are sure you will agree!