Hourglass Beauties




An hourglass figure is considered the ideal body type by many women, and by many men as well. That tiny waist, and shapely hips, have been the ideal figure type since way back in history. Only 8% of women in the world actually have a true hourglass figure. Since the hourglass is considered the perfect feminine shape, there is not much to be done but to accentuate their physique with trendy form fitting clothing. Luckily many of the newest styles and fashion trends hug the body, and show off those beautiful curves. This is the silhouette fashion stylists, and designers strive to create on their model. Having the curves in the right places represents femininity and is very appealing to the eye, and therefore produces higher sales. Today’s blog has some of the most stunning hourglass beauties we could find on the vast world wide web, and these rare gems with the perfect proportional measurements are a treat for the eyes!