Stunning Selfies




We are living in a social media world. And with social media platforms so popular and used everyday for many, “selfies” go hand in hand with social media outlets like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Millions of beautiful selfies are posted and uploaded each day on all the best social media platforms. From celebrities, to models, to fitness icons, to the everyday teenage girl, and even men are posting selfies on a daily basis. Of course we are more interested in the stunning selfies posted by women! Selfies taken by smartphones, are greatly received by “likes” and comments by followers and fans. Selfies are the perfect way for women to interact with their followers, and keeps everyone up to date with their life and their careers. Fitness models use selfies to show progress and how your body can look when you exercise, and the changes that follow. Today’s blog looks at some of the most stunning selfies we saw today!