Why Most Men Prefer Women With Long Hair




Since Biblical times, women have been portrayed with long hair, and that is one of the reasons for the association between women and long hair that dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. There is something very appealing about long, healthy hair. To most men, long hair is a symbol of the feminine nature of women. It is one of those things that according to most men, sets women apart from the male species. But it really is a matter of personal preference. It’s just one of those things guys can’t really explain… just like a women in heels, or in a dress, or a woman with curves. The same goes for long hair as it brings out a woman’s femininity. Seven out of ten men prefer women with long hair, according to a new poll taken by a dating website that has over 650,000 male members. Long hair is associated with beauty, and health, and those are very appealing traits. There are many beautiful women in the world, some with long hair and some with short hair.. but the polls and surveys prove that the majority of men do prefer women with long hair!